What Exactly Is a Master Key?

What Exactly Is a Master Key?

A master key is a type of key that can open multiple locks, while other keys will only open one lock. It is often used by businesses and mobile locksmiths to give access to several areas of the same building or complex, instead of having multiple keys for each different room.


A master key system allows a business or homeowner to be able to grant access to different sections of the property without having to carry around multiple sets of keys. This is especially beneficial when using a mobile locksmith, who can easily provide access with just one master key. The benefit here is that you don't have to keep track of all the individual keys and won't have the hassle of giving out new ones if someone loses their original copy.

What Is Master Keying?

Master re-keying is the process of changing the keys that are used to operate a master key system. This is often done when an employee who has a key to the building leaves the company, or when a tenant moves out of a multifamily residential building.

To perform a master re-key, the locksmith will first determine which locks need to be re-keyed and which keys need to be changed. They will then remove the existing lock cylinders and install new ones that are compatible with the new keys. The locksmith will also create the new master key and individual keys as needed.

Master re-keying is an important security measure that helps to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to a building or other secure area. It is a complex process that should be handled by a trained and experienced locksmith.

What Is a Smart Key?

A smart key is a type of key that allows you to unlock and start your car without having to insert a physical key into the ignition. Instead, you can use a button on the key fob, or sometimes just have the key fob in your pocket or purse, to unlock and start the car. Smart keys are also known as keyless entry systems or keyless ignition systems.

In addition to providing convenient access to your car, smart keys can also offer additional security features, such as being able to remotely start the car or being able to track the location of the key. Some smart keys also have built-in display screens that can provide you with information about your car, such as the fuel level or tire pressure.

Overall, a smart key is a convenient and modern way to access and start your car, and it can offer a variety of

additional features and benefits.

Difference Between Master Key and Smart Key:

Mobile locksmiths often use both types of keys, depending on the situation.


The main difference between a master key and a smart key is that a master key can open multiple locks with one universal fit, while a smart key requires an additional component to be programmed first before it can be used. A master key is an excellent option for businesses that need to manage access across multiple areas of their property or organization. Smart keys are more secure than traditional metal keys, but provide more than one layer of security when needed.


For example, mobile locksmiths may use a masterkey to unlock doorways for employees who need quick access throughout the building, while also programming individualized smart keys for each employee, so they have higher levels of control over their own security setting